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       Opening Time:9:00-17:00

       Closed Time:Closed on Mondays (Except National Holidays)

       Civilized Codes

       1.The slovenly dressed, drunk and pets are refused to enter.

       2.The frail, sick, minors can only visit the gallery with others. Among them, the elders and disabled may be accompanied by the staff.

       3. Please consciously accept the security. The following items are prohibited to carry into the museum: flammable, explosive, pipe and other dangerous goods; banners, slogans, billboards, leaflets and other promotional items.

       4. Don't play, chase, lie and scribble. Please keep quiet.

       5. Don't eat. If necessary, please move to the designated area.

       6. No smoking. Smoking is bad for health.

       7. Please take good care of public properties.

       8. Don't carry trolley case, luggage and all parcels more than 40 cm into the gallery. Small items can be stored freely. Please carry the valuables with yourself.

       9. Please consciously obey the rules and regulations. If there is an emergency situation, please follow the staff and move to safe area quickly and orderly.

       Add: No. 79, Qifeng Road, Dongguan City