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Dongguan City Planning Exhibition Gallery is located in the northwestern side of Qifeng Road, covering an area of 3.46 hectares, with a total construction area of 15,000 square meters. Dongguan City Planning Exhibition Gallery is the first underwater planning exhibition building in China. Based on the theme - Planning Makes Dongguan Better, different concept orientation, new narrative modes, informative content material and advanced display methods to highlight key areas and populist characteristics, Dongguan aims to build a nonprofit exhibition space with positive attitude and warm temperature from the perspective of planning.

Dongguan City Planning Exhibition Gallery is two-storey high – Basement 1 is the main exhibition hall including Preface Hall, Imprinting, Wisdom, Homeland and the Future while Basement 2 is a panoramic model area. With complete supporting facilities involving a central lounge area, cafe, outdoor courtyards and other functional areas, we strive to create a completely new city space integrating education, entertainment, tourism as one.